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Energy Transition 

The ongoing energy transition brings both challenges and immense opportunity.   

Many companies are realizing that to stay competitive and to satisfy their customers they have to have well designed, actional plans to reduce their carbon emission and evolve to more sustainable and resilient energy systems. 

The days of announcing targets without a credible plan are gone. Major investors and customers alike are now challenging boards, CEOs and CFOs on how they will achieve their committed ambitions.

The good news is that the business case for an energy transition is stronger than ever.  Simple adjustments in cost‑focused efforts enhance emission reduction and deliver positive economic outcomes.  


The recent passage of both the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Inflation Reduction Act have added considerable additional incentives to design and implement your strategy now.  




Please contact Bedford to explore our offerings regarding energy transition, decarbonization and investment tax credit strategies.


Bedford Management Partners specializes in energy transition, sustainable infrastructure, and connecting innovation to human thriving.  Our team and network are deep experts in both formulating the strategies needed to create value through innovation, as well as the ability to effectively execute those strategies through operations, with private capital returns.


Headquartered at the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh, PA, Bedford sits at a world class nexus of thought leadership, research, industry application, talent, and proprietary deal flow.  We have assembled an exceptional team of energy professionals with deep expertise in all phases of sustainable and optimized energy transition.


Among the many exciting areas of opportunity within the broader energy transition landscape, Bedford is particularly engaged in low carbon combined heat and power microgrid generation, the developing hydrogen value chain, fuel cell technology, electric vehicle value chain, grid modifications, innovations, and renewable energy optimization through energy storage.

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Advisory Services | Investment Management | Asset Operations

Advisory Services

Through our energy transition advisory services, Bedford helps our clients migrate from their current energy usage strategy to more sustainable, lower cost, equitable carbon neutral profile and systems.  


We offer a collaborative approach with key stakeholders in your organization, providing the following services: 


  • Strategically evaluate current energy profiles, systems, and contracts 

  • Understanding or helping define your energy transition and decarbonization objectives 

  • Build a road map to your desired future energy goals that is both sustainable and economic

  • Design the systems and services necessary to achieve those goals 

  • Provide the operational expertise to both design and implement the execution of that strategy

  • Map your financing and funding sources, Investment Tax Credit optimization, and possible grant opportunities to complete your energy transition strategy

Investment Management

Through our investment management services, Bedford can strategically design, deploy, and manage a portfolio of investments across the domains of energy transition and sustainable infrastructure, controlled environment agriculture, and technology.


With decades of experience managing capital as both general and limited partners, Bedford has a successful track record of strong returns across a variety of strategies, vehicles and structures, and economic cycles.


We are prepared to work with a wide range of capital investors in the following areas:

  • Identify investment opportunities through a pipeline of proprietary deal flow

  • Conduct extensive due diligence to determine opportunities and risks associated with specific deals and assets

  • Design the appropriate structure and vehicle to optimize asset and portfolio performance and return outcomes

  • Manage the portfolio across its lifecycle

  • Execute and exit strategy to maximize investor returns

Asset Operations

Through our asset operations services, Bedford brings to bear our extensive experience in the management and optimization of assets across the full breadth of our expertise.  We are prepared to step into an active operational role to ensure the maximization of asset performance.


Our partners have decades of experience managing the operations of portfolio assets, as well as leadership experiences in companies and organizations ranging from technology startups to Fortune 500.


We are ready to roll up our sleeves and deploy the following services:

  • Strategic planning

  • Financial analysis

  • Compliance and training

Our Advisory Affiliates Include

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