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Advisory Services

Through our energy transition and business strategy advisory services, Bedford helps our clients design strategies to realistically and tangibly achieve clean energy transition and carbon reduction goals without sacrificing operations or competitiveness. 

Bedford works with our clients to develop a customized strategic architecture to comprehensively and holistically address clean energy transition organization-wide, and can guide our clients through the entire process from an inventory of current practices to strategic planning, through implementation and execution.


We offer a collaborative approach with key stakeholders in your organization, providing the following services: 

  • Strategically evaluate current energy profiles, systems, and contracts 

  • Understanding or helping define your energy transition and decarbonization objectives 

  • Build a road map to your desired future energy goals that is both sustainable and economic

  • Design the systems and services necessary to achieve those goals 

  • Provide the operational expertise to both design and implement the execution of that strategy

  • Map your financing and funding sources, Investment Tax Credit optimization, and possible grant opportunities to complete your energy transition strategy

  • Bedford also offers other business stratagy advisory services as well

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