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Bedford Management Partners is a clean energy solutions and advisory services firm, specializing in deploying sustainable and resilient energy generation solutions for critical infrastructure, backed by private capital.


Our team and network are deep experts in both formulating the strategies needed to create value through innovation, as well as the ability to effectively execute those strategies through operations, with private capital returns.


Headquartered at the globally recognized Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh, PA, Bedford sits at a world class nexus of thought leadership, research, industry application, talent, and proprietary deal flow.  We have assembled an exceptional team of energy professionals with deep expertise in all phases of sustainable and optimized energy transition.   Our extended value chain network includes some of the largest energy, utility, healthcare, and data center companies in the nation.


Among the many exciting areas of opportunity within the broader energy transition landscape, Bedford is particularly engaged in developing behind-the-meter 24/7 carbon-free power generation for critical infrastructure, advancing the hydrogen value chain, fuel cell technology, and addressing growing grid fragility

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