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24/7 Carbon Free Power

for Data Centers

Bedford Management Partners acquires, develops, and operates clean and reliable Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and large-scale thermal microgrid systems to provide on-site primary or backup power for data centers, and other critical infrastructure installations, through an end-to-end Design, Build, Finance, Operate, & Maintain (DBFOM) solution.


Bedford deploys its power solution through an equity investment backed by private capital, and secured through a long-term PPA/ESA with the power off-taker, offering cleaner and more resilient power at competitive delivered per kilowatt hour prices.


While technology agnostic, Bedford’s primary solution utilizes the INNIO Jenbacher 624 flexible fuel reciprocating engine in an N+1 behind-the-meter plant design that is readily scalable from 10MW up to 150MW, with 99.99+% uptime reliability, and can function either as a standalone or grid interconnected system.  The Jenbacher Type 6 engine is highly reliable, with 6,400 units in service over the last 30 years, and more than 200 million continuous operating hours in the field. 


Bedford’s plant design is approximately 40% greener than average grid power with natural gas as its fuel, and can generate 24/7 carbon-free energy by utilizing renewable natural gas, hydrogen, or other biofuels. This solution is deployable now, with no technological breakthroughs required.


When needed, Bedford’s solution can accommodate a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) design, allowing critical infrastructure facilities to achieve over 90% total power and heat efficiency, particularly to support cooling infrastructure needs.  Through our value chain partners and as part of our end-to-end solution,


Bedford also offers renewable energy, battery and long duration energy storage, and biofuel production solutions.  Our solutions are particularly useful for data centers needing clean and resilient power on a relatively short time-horizon, and cannot afford to wait for utility partners to scale up power delivery, or for grid interconnection queues to clear.


Headquartered at the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh, PA, Bedford Management Partners sits at a world-class nexus of thought leadership, research, industry application, talent, and proprietary deal flow.


Bedford’s leadership team has over 20 years’ experience building and operating critical infrastructure assets globally. We have assembled an exceptional team of energy professionals and strategic alliances with deep expertise in all phases of the clean energy transition.

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